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Welcome to the world of self-development.
Let’s go a bit of your way together. With this book and the appropriate hypnosis, you will take the first and effective steps into the best time of your life. I’ll show you how.

The eBook “Knack your code”
126 book pages give me information, tips and exercises so that you can get to the best time of your life without detours.

With this book, I have already given thousands of people access to their self-sabotage programs and helped them to solve sabotaging blockages. In this book you will find answers and the 3 most important steps that you can take now to create a life full of happiness, satisfaction and abundance. It has been written for all people who are dissatisfied with their lives and who always sabotage themselves. People who want to crack the self-sabotage program to be successful in work, relationships, money matters or in love.How successful someone is with these projects is determined by a few important factors that are conveyed in this book in a simple and clear manner – THE CIRCEL CONCEPT ©.

Your success is based on 20% of your technology, your know-how and what you do and know. In contrast, 80% Mindset work. Perhaps you too will waste a lot of strength and energy and still will not get any further in your life. Because mostly many negative beliefs and saboteurs are at work. You feel overwhelmed and believe that the world is against you. In fact, your inner saboteurs are resisting. They make your life difficult and make you fail. Your comfort zone is your invisible limit. In the end you pull yourself back in shame and continue on the hamster wheel.

You will learn the first important steps from The Circle Concept © that you can now take to herald the turning point in your life.

You can find answers to the most common questions:
– Why we get stuck in the Hamsterrad
– How we can completely turn our mindset
– The most important 3 steps I took to get out of my hamster bike

In addition, you get hypnosis “Increase your self-confidence” free of charge.

This hypnosis becomes your selStrengthen and increase awareness. So you quickly feel confident and powerful.

This hypnosis arose from the motivation of my coachees, who were promoted to management positions with great responsibility. They often feel insecure and stressed new in the job.

Being self-confident means having trust in your own abilities, qualities and judgment. If we don’t trust each other, we often don’t dare to start something new. We prefer to stay in our habits and the hamster wheel. Because it seems safe there.

With this hypnosis, we build self-confidence and self-esteem. Because both are elements of our self-confidence.